10 of the largest casino winnings ever

Their victories may be made into a book, a film, or both. Gamblers took risks and transformed their lives in an instant, some before online casinos existed.

Thanks to destiny and chance, they were able to experience their stupid gamble’s immense satisfaction. Let’s look into some amazing casino stories.

Cynthia JayBrennan

Cynthia Jay-Brennan is one of the saddest stories in gaming history. A cocktail waitress won $35,000,000 in Las Vegas. Nine weeks later, a drunk driver blew a red light and slammed her vehicle, leaving her paraplegic from the waist down. Even more tragic was the loss of her sister, who was in the passenger seat.

Cynthia is still wheelchair-bound and paralyzed. She can only move her arms and shoulders and needs help combing her hair or dressed. Her crippled husband, Terry Brennan, still works as a bartender at the Monte Carlo Casino.

Cynthia says she’d return $35 million to reconcile with her sister.

Artsi Karas – High Roller

The Greek, often known as the King of Gambling, is a legendary character in casino history. Archie Karas (Anargyros Karavourniotis), 68, of Las Vegas, won what other committed players bet for a lifetime.

In a December 1992 event, having lost $2,000,000 playing poker and had $50 in his pocket, he won $11,000,000. He continued playing dice and earned $40,000,000 in a few months. But he lost it all in three years.

He said, “I’ve gone from extreme poverty to absolute prosperity more than fifty times.” Money is worthless. I don’t want to lose any. Life is about love, happiness, friends, and family. They can’t purchase your money.

Anargyros Karavourniotis, 66, still lives in Vegas. A few little and medium-sized poker players are certain to spend a lot of money to sit at the same table with him regularly.

Antonio Esfandiari

The poker pro is a 40-year-old Tehranian. He has won the most world championships. His “magic secrets” and approach have been accessible on iOS since 2012.

In 2012, he risked a million dollars to qualify for the charity tournament “Big One for One Drop.” He finally won the tournament and left with $18.5 million. The biggest cash reward in poker history.

To give you a sense of how big Esfandiari is in poker, his 2017 profits were $27,600,000.

Don Johnson, blackjack lord

No relation between the 56-year-old blackjack player and the renowned actor. In 2011, he earned almost $15,000,000 in six months at three Atlantic City casinos.

He was intelligent, with a particular approach and plan at the blackjack tables, without drastically altering his lifestyle.

He has a good gaming reputation and gets free flights all around the globe.

Elmer Servin on slots and charity

In 2005, Elmer Servin, 92, earned over $21,000,000 for the second time. He won $4,600,000 on the same machine in 1989. It only occurs once every 50 million years. He donated most of his earnings to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Unknown Winner – Peter Norge

His full name was never used. But it’s Peter from Norway who has the biggest online casino win. He earned €11,700,000 playing Arabian Nights Free Bets No Deposit at Betsson.

Carrie Packer, media tycoon

Kerry Packer was an Australian media billionaire, widely regarded as one of the most prominent media owners of the twentieth century.

ACP and Nine Network were then amalgamated into Publishing and Broadcasting Limited by Packer’s father’s media firm (the Packer Empire) (PBL). Kerry Packer, who founded World Series Cricket, had a net worth of almost $6.5 billion when he died in 2005.

Packer’s professional and personal life had major wins and losses. In his spare time, he gambled in Las Vegas and the UK, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single hand of blackjack. When his luck was good, he would leave casino waiters seven-figure tips.

In 1999, Packer embarked on a 3-week losing spree, losing around $27 million on four roulette tables. Packers has the record for greatest gambling loss in UK history.

Patience Demauro, 154 dice

On May 23, 2009, Patricia Demauro, an amateur, won 154 consecutive rolls in Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. After four hours and 18 minutes, she made $10,000,000.

Charlie Wells, Roulette Legend

The guy who rocked the Monaco bank. He won the first roulette. He earned $1,000,000 in one night in 1891, after just eleven hours of labour. Legend has it he utilized a devious technique, but it was subsequently found he was a natural winner.

Mike Ashley’s obsession with 17

He likes roulette and the number 17. He won $1.6 million in one night by betting on every possible combination of that number. Similarly, he has lost a million dollars in one night and many more during his lifetime at casinos.

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